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Aquarium Maintenance

Offish Supplies Aquarium Maintenance Surrey

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As with all animals fish and invertebrates require ongoing care. This is usually in the form of a regular visit to carry out such tasks as changing water, cleaning filters and testing water. Of course, again with complexity of system these tasks can include many other jobs depending upon the animals being kept.


We offer ongoing maintenance for aquariums that we have installed ourselves as well as existing ones that customers, for one reason or another, require assistance with.


This may be in the form of regular scheduled visits to one off’s that help you stay on track with your
own hobby.

Our Service

Aquarium Maintenance Area Coverage and Pricing

Offish Aquarium Maintenance Service is available for customers who have purchased their aquarium from us, or even from third parties and reside within the following locations:








If you have any questions about how we might be able to help you with maintenance of an aquarium please do not hesitate to get in touch Call: 01483 474235, Email: or
get in touch with the form below.





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